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After going through divorce and becoming a full time single mom during the 2008 recession, I was dually focused on survival and preserving the peace at home with my 4 year old son. I started selling real estate in 2002 because I was absolutely obsessed with homes and wanted to grow a business.. I’d done quite well and by the age of 28, I owned 2 homes. But I also found myself drowning in debt. We had to foreclose on our homes to finalize the divorce and I was left flat broke, depressed, and overwhelmed.

I took refuge in simplicity and started an eco-friendly house cleaning company - initially doing all the cleaning myself. In short, I went from selling homes to cleaning the toilets in them. Needless to say, it was a pretty humbling experience!

Still, a persistent voice inside me kept saying “You’re made for more.” For a time, fear held me back. Staying small felt safe. I faced a dilemma: Do I stay safe by focusing on survival?. Or do I step out of my comfort zone and strive for more? I asked myself what sort of legacy I wanted to create for my son. And then - I allowed myself to dream again.

Later that year, I went back to school to study organizational management. I learned about effective communication, leadership styles, and how to build trust through empathy. My cleaning company had grown enough that I was able to hire people to clean while I worked on marketing, customer service, and admin tasks. This allowed me to spend a couple days a week studying at the library while my son was in school. My evenings were spent playing with him, helping him with homework, and cooking dinner - until bedtime. Then I was writing papers until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I was tired but I loved what I was learning and applying it in my business.The decision to dream big and go back to school took me from just surviving to actually thriving. In 2013, I sold my small business and in 2014, I accepted a role at Dell Technologies. I really wasn’t sure where I belonged in corporate America, but trusted friends and mentors helped me see how my background in entrepreneurship added value to the corporate workplace. Working in tech was a big stretch for me. I often felt like the dumbest person in the room, which was new and quite uncomfortable for me. But I leaned into the discomfort and found ways to add value quickly. I found fulfillment and success in Marketing at Dell and greatly enjoyed my teams and experiences.

And then it happened. A desire for something different. A feeling that I wasn’t living up to my full potential. I wondered…”What’s next for me?” I sought the help of a career coach and after several assessments and exercises, it was clear to both of us that I needed to get back into real estate. The idea excited me and also scared the heck out of me. I desperately wanted to be using my strengths in a client-facing consulting role. But I really loved my predictable paycheck from Dell.

Once again I had a choice to make:: stay safe and play small or take a risk and strive for more? Striving for more had already changed my life, so I decided to do it again!
Best. Decision. Ever.

Now I get to do what I love every day. I help you upgrade your home life the same way my coach helped me upgrade my career life. Together, we identify what you really want, what’s holding you back from getting it, and we make a plan to alleviate the risks and get you to where you want to be. Because where you want to be is where you belong.

Client Success


"The Perritte family cannot recommend Erin Szczerba more highly! In a complex and competitive real estate environment, Erin was so attentive to our needs and wants and walked with us every step of the way."
"When a new job uprooted my family from Denver, a friend suggested I contact Erin Szczerba. Within a few minutes of our conversation I knew she was the right realtor for us. She understood that our buying process was going to be different, and really went out of her way to find us a house that literally checks off all the boxes. We really could not have found a more perfect home and it was all pRead MoreRead Less
"Erin encouraged us to view a house we had written off based on how it was listed. It ended up being our dream home. We are so grateful Erin had the understanding, based on her expertise in real estate, to steer us in the right direction. We would have missed this incredible home if hadn’t been for Erin’s guidance."
"Erin has been a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and assessment of the ever changing Austin real estate market is truly second to none. Being first time home owners the home buying process was pretty daunting but Erin’s unwavering support, guidance and insights never let us lose track of the vision we had in mind for our first home. Erin also provided candid feedback and her criticism arouRead MoreRead Less
"Erin Szczerba truly did an excellent job in leading me through the home-buying process as a first-time buyer. She was professional, personable, and efficient. She responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had and always kept me in the loop. She greatly exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend her."
"Erin recently helped me sell my home. I had a lot going on at the time (surprise), but her honest advice, proactive assistance and extensive knowledge helped me navigate the process and the result exceeded my expectations. Some realtors will tell you what you want to hear but Erin will tell you what you need to hear in a caring and understanding way. She was always quick to respond to any questiRead MoreRead Less
"THANK YOU Erin Szczerba! Our experience with Erin has been phenomenal. My husband and I worked with Erin to purchase our very first home in Texas. Working with Erin was a breeze, we are so thankful. She was so kind and personable from the start. Erin worked very hard to help find us the right home for our family. She was always just a text, phone call, or email away. Not knowing what we were Read MoreRead Less
"For several months, we have been searching for the perfect Homestead. With Erin Szczerba‘s help, we found what we wanted and had to act quick to sell our home first. Erin was there every step of the way- quick to answer questions and advocating for our every want/need. The process is tedious and overwhelming but Erin and everyone working with her are a well oiled machine and made everything seRead MoreRead Less
"Erin Szczerba is the absolute best! She found us the perfect gem of a house! Erin was thorough, professional and great to work with. She kept us apprised on all the necessary details and worked hard to ensure a smooth closing transaction, even with us being 1,000 miles away. She was honest and forthright - no games. After dealing with many agents across the USA over the years, we can honestly Read MoreRead Less
"We were first-time home buyers in the crazy Austin market and Erin Szczerba was an amazing agent who helped us successfully find a great home. She helped us learn about the buying process and had a lot of great advice along the way. Erin was very responsive and was able to set up viewings for us on short notice which was very helpful in the hot Austin market. The financing team that she recomRead MoreRead Less
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