Are You a Personality Typology Lover or Loather?


Are you a personality typology lover or loather?

I’m a lover. For me, it’s a way to better understand myself and those close to me.


As a kid, I struggled with self-acceptance and wishing I could be different. I felt weird and uncool.

That continued through high school and was even validated by my peers. I suffered some bullying from those I didn’t know. And I experienced rejection from those I thought were my best friends.

I hurt. So so soooo much.


In my sophomore year of college, I had a roommate who loved typology. We read the books, we typed ourselves, we typed each other. Boy did we know everything! Haha!

But truly, it was eye opening for me to begin to understand myself and even start to appreciate what made me, ME.


About a decade ago, I heard about the Enneagram. Intrigued, I started listening to podcasts and reading books.

I was a type 2! Obviously. Caring, slightly codependent, a real giver.

A couple years later, I didn’t think I was a 2. So I dug a little deeper and discovered that I was, obviously, a type 3. Performing, inept at feeling my feelings, driven to succeed and look good doing it.


I tried following the growth path for 3s and it just didn’t fit. I didn’t struggle with authenticity. I wasn’t competitive. I certainly wasn’t a workaholic.

Soooo…what was I?


In early 2020, I met someone (ok, yes, it was a first date) who I thought was likely a type 7. So i got out my Enneagram book and started reading about 7s.

Prone to shiny object syndrome. Easily anxious when things feel uncertain. Dive into research on topics that might reduce their anxiety. Value fun and friendships. Always, to a fault, seeing the positive side of a difficult situation. Quick learners and love to take ACTION.


I was like “OH MY GOD THIS IS ME!!!” WTH? I’d never looked into the type 7 because they’re described as flaky and avoid commitment

That is NOT me.


Now, 3 years later, still a type 7.

I now understand my excitability as high energy and a love for new information and experiences.

I embrace my desire to make everything fun. Work, relationships, free time, chores, you name it. It can be fun!

And I’m learning to manage my shiny object syndrome by holding fast to my values and my plan for achieving the life I’m designing. *work in progress, people!*


I love typology because it’s helped me to know and love myself and embrace the ways I’m different from others. And I know exactly what value I bring to my relationships, my business, and my clients. That feels good!

So – are you a lover or a loather?