We almost didn’t buy our house

I almost chickened out of buying our current house.

Yep. Me, a real estate agent. A chicken, haha!

Why? Well, because it’s overwhelming to move.


But seriously – what I want you to know is that I understand how stressful and overwhelming it is to prep a home for sale, apply for a home loan, market and show a home, pack it up and move everything you own into a new house.

I tell you more about my personal experience with the fear of “too much” and how Andrew and I navigated it in the video – so give it a watch!

If I had given into my fear, we wouldn’t be living in our beautiful home that is absolutely perfect for us in our current stage of life.

We would have missed out.

I created my True Home Technique to help you move through similar feelings so that you don’t miss out either!