Breaks From School End Up Being the Breeding Ground for Irritability, Yelling, and Slammed Doors.

Breaks from school end up being the breeding ground for irritability, yelling, and slammed doors.


Your kids have been waiting for months for this break from school.

You are also ready for a break from the early morning routine of getting the kids dressed, fed, and out the door on time for school.


But by day 3, your work calls are being interrupted by the kids’ squeals of laughter at the TV or their angry banter over the remote.

You’re finding it impossible to concentrate on that project with a looming deadline.

Then, to make it worse, you’re irritable with your kids and partner which makes you feel horrible.


Every day is the same, even though you set out to keep the kids entertained and your office space quiet.


“I need to create a schedule for the kids while they’re home. That way they’ll be engaged in activities and not bothering me while I’m trying to work. Maybe I should even enroll them in camps – but geez that gets expensive!”


This hasn’t worked because no matter what, you’re living in close quarters and kids are gonna be kids!


You want to enjoy your children when they’re home from school

But because you work from home, it feels like a nightmare on steroids.

You don’t like who you are when they’re home and you’re trying to work.


You lose your temper

You’re unproductive

And you end up yelling at your kids instead of speaking to them calmly like you want to.


You end up wanting to escape your own family

Instead of enjoying this extra time with them

And you carry a load of guilt because of it.


I get it. You’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be this way.


Imagine this scenario:

It’s day 8 of summer break and your kids are in their new game room playing Minecraft.

You’re in your office on the other side of the house, getting ready for your next conference call.

As a family, you’ve figured out how to give each other space when everyone’s home.

And now when 5 o’clock rolls around, you are able to be present and enjoy your kids’ company.

You feel like the version of yourself you’re most proud of.


That’s why I created my True Home Technique. To take you from cramped and irritable to spacious and at peace…with ease.