Getting Started…


Does the thought of selling your current home and buying your next home overwhelm you or seem impossible with everything else you have going on? 


I hear you and I got you. 


I created the True Home Technique for busy professionals like you. 


Together, we create a roadmap for getting you to where you want to be along the path of least resistance. 


But before we create the roadmap, I’m going to ask you to tell me EVERYTHING.


Alllll the juicy details!


Ok, maybe not all. Share what you want and I’m here for it! 


The more you can tell me, the clearer the picture I can get of your current situation and where you want to end up. 


Once I understand your desires and obstacles, I can begin to put together some options for you. 


And this will be a team effort!


We’re going to work on this TOGETHER so that you never feel in the dark and so that I can make sure we’re always heading in the right direction for YOU. 


At the end of our first meeting, you’ll have a clear understanding of next steps and a timeline.


And I dare say, you’ll have a sense of excitement about what lies ahead! 


Want to get your hands on my entire playbook? Comment “Start!” and I’ll send it to you!