I’ve Been Training for Marriage for Years!


I’ve been training for marriage for YEARS!


During my single & dating years, I read ALL THE BOOKS on relationships. 

I had to “work hard” in relationships, or so I thought, and I was always trying to learn more about what I could do differently for better results. 

I learned about attachment styles, boundaries, relational strengths, direct communication, and well, the list goes on and on!


Spoiler Alert: all the relationship knowledge in the world doesn’t do a lick of good if you’re not with someone who’s ready for a healthy relationship.

But I will say that because of that learning, my toolbox is big and full. So, as easy as it is to be in a relationship with Andrew, I know how important it is to intentionally connect and communicate. 


I also know how to take care of my own feelings and figure out what I should share with Andrew so he can tend to it and what is just mine to deal with and work through.

Assumptions are out, clarification and being direct is in. (My, what a difference this makes!)


We share the household load as much as possible. Neither of us (tell me if I’m wrong, babe!) shirks responsibilities onto the other and that feels good. 

I can read Andrew really well and I’ll gently prod him to tell me what’s bothering him. 


I guess what I’m trying to say here is that while our relationship feels effortless, I realize I’ve actually been training for this since 2008. 


My communication, empathy, and allowing muscles are strong, baby! 

I’m confident I’m equipped for the curveballs life is sure to throw at us over the coming years. 


What’s one thing you’ve learned that makes you better in relationships?