My House Doesn’t Feel Like “Me” Anymore v1

Have you been thinking “My house doesn’t feel like me anymore and I don’t know what to do about it…”? 


It’s 5:30 am: time for coffee, meditation, and yoga. 


As you’re putting the pod in the Nespresso, you notice the brown granite it sits on and wish it was marble or quartz. 


“Ugh, why can’t I be grateful for what I have?”, you chide to yourself. 


Making your way to your favorite chair, you sit with your phone and meditation app. 


Your eye catches the design magazine on your coffee table. 


Again, you long for something different. 


You look around at the home you’ve lived in for the past 6 years. 


Used your first bonus as the down payment – you were SO excited!! 


But now – 3 promotions, 5 bonuses, and lots of growth later – you feel sad about living here. 


It just doesn’t feel like YOU anymore. 


You think: “The problem is me – I should be content with what I have.”


Let me stop you right there. 


The truth is, you’ve grown. 


Grown personally and professionally and that means you’re a different person than you were when you bought your current house. 


You’ve tried having gratitude for your home. 


Upgrading the decor and the furniture. 


You’ve ignored your feelings. 


But it’s not working because your home is an extension of yourself and this one truly doesn’t fit anymore. 


I’ve been in your shoes and I work with people weekly who are feeling the same struggle and guilt. 


Do you know what will happen when you get into a home that is in better alignment with who you are now? 


When those nagging thoughts of “ugh, this doesn’t feel like me anymore” and “I should be grateful for what I have” are a thing of the past? 


Your brain space will be freed up to embrace relaxation and rejuvenation. 


Creativity and productivity will be in abundance, resulting in higher quality work. 


Imagine this: 


You’ve just moved into your new home and slept in your new room for the 1st time. 


You wake up and roll out of bed, plodding into the kitchen to make coffee. 


Heart leaping inside your chest, you get butterflies in your stomach, and a smile spreads across your face. 


You think “Wow, I live here. I love it. This feels like me.” 


And that feeling continues every day. 


This is where you belong.


Welcome home!