Quality Over Quantity.

What motivates you? 


Like – when it comes to growth, why do you push yourself? 


I’ve been thinking about this because, well, goal setting. 


I needed to set a goal for myself for the year…


And so I came up with a number. 


This number haunted me. 


I was totally uncomfortable and anxious. 


Ok, but why? 


I talked with my coach about it and recognized a few things:


  1. The number I set as a goal has zero meaning to me
  2. Quantity doesn’t resonate with me
  3. Quality is what motivates me


Some people have a huge appetite for MORE and that is absolutely necessary in this life 


But that is NOT me. 


I have a bigger appetite for depth and impact and, honestly, fun! 


I’d rather work with a few amazing clients (at a time) with a complicated problem to solve and have a lot of fun along the way


Much more so than working with everybody and their brother and just barely scratching the surface with them


But that’s just me. It’s how I’m wired and I’m going to work with what I’ve got! 


How about you? Are you a MORE is MORE or LESS is MORE kinda person?