Selling A House With Kids

Kids are kinda messy, right?


Well, not kinda. 


Let’s be real. 


Kids are like little tornadoes of sticky stuff and dirt. 


How can they messy up a clean house in under 5 minutes? 


It’s kind of freaky how it happens, honestly. 


While I’m not in that stage of life anymore, a lot of my friends are. 


If you are and you’ve been really wanting to sell your house and buy something new/different – this is for you. 


It’s hard keeping a house clean for showings no matter who you are. 


But with kids, it’s a full time job. 


So – if you can, eliminate the headache by putting your house on the market right when you leave for vacation. 


We can get it staged and photographed in 1 day while you’re still home, no problem.


And then you pack up and leave for your spring or summer vacation and showings can start then – with A LOT of pre-MLS marketing, driving up interest. 


If we’ve priced it right, it should go under contract while you’re gone! 


Easy peasy, no rushing around to clean up after your adorable little tornadoes. 


Shoot me a DM if you’re thinking this might work for you this summer!