Sometimes I wonder if Jackson is going to be okay when he’s older – without siblings. 


Because I cannot imagine my life without mine. 


I’m the oldest and when I was 5 ½ , along came Ashleigh. 


Then, when I was 9 ½, Kelsey was born.


So we were not super close in age and we fought A LOT. 


Reportedly, I was a mean older sister.


Apparently I had some built up anger and it came out at my sisters. Yikes!


When I left home at 18, Ashleigh was just 13 and Kelsey was 8 – so they grew up without me around.


But as we entered adulthood, we started to really become friends. 


And now we are best friends.


Not a day goes by that we don’t text in our Seesters group text.


We are different from each other, yet the same in many ways and it’s awesome!


We’ve experienced our fair share of challenges in our family, including the divorce of our parents after 36 years of marriage.


And the challenges have brought us closer and closer over the years. 


So when I think of Jackson as an only child for the rest of his life…I’m sad. 


And I hope he finds a partner with a big family that he can be part of.


And know how good it feels to have siblings that you can’t live without.