Stop Killing Plants

First up in my Cream Puff workshop series: 


Stop Killing Plants! 


Sound extreme? Well, that’s because our weather here in Central Texas is just that – EXTREME. 


Did you know that the land your home sits on in the city makes up about 20% of your home’s value? 


And the better your landscaping, the higher the value of your home. 


But this is one of the trickiest places in the US to grow things…


You have all the best intentions in the Spring – 


But by July, all your lovely plants are withering under the intense heat –


And by August, they dead. 


So, in my quest to help all my clients, friends, and neighbors turn their homes into the quintessential cream puff property, I hosted a workshop on Central Texas Gardening. 


It was a blast! 


My friend, Cindy Eiland (aka The Rocky Hill Gardener), joined me and taught an incredibly informative class on how to make the most of your gardening/landscaping efforts.


The number 1 takeaway? 


Plant Texas Natives. 


They grow here and they thrive here! 


I just planted Salvia, Esperanza, Texas Sage, and Pride of Barbados!!


There’s a Texas Natives Bible that’s FREE.