Tennis – it, well, it is harder than it looks. 


Do you play? 


I took tennis lessons when I was in Elementary school…


I was pretty tall and gangly and can’t imagine I was any good at it. 


But when Andrew mentioned he’d like to learn to play, I was game! (hehe)


So we started lessons at the Georgetown Tennis Center last year


And I foolishly thought we’d be ready to play after a few lessons.






But when I talked to my friend, Alexis, who’s been playing tennis for years, she said the only way to get better is to join a league and start playing matches. 


She said “You’ll just play other people who suck and eventually you’ll all get better and better.”


This…is uncomfortable for me. To put it mildly.


Will I suck the most? 


Will I look like a loser? 


How long will it take to get better? 


Will it even be fun??? 


But after some thought, I realized this is how everything in life is. 


You train, you start, you suck, you improve, you master. 


So, fine, then! 


Andrew – if you’re reading this, we need to sign up for a league!