The Long Commute

Ever since The 2nd Great Migration (2020-2022), I’ve talked with people who made a split decision during the pandemic.


It’s super common and I wonder if you’re also experiencing buyer remorse, as they are. 


Like my client, Rachel. 


In her words…


”I woke up on a Saturday morning and enjoyed my coffee out on my deck, looking out at the amazing views that prompted us to buy our house. 


I thought about the day ahead – a soccer game, lunch, and then lounging by the pool. It’s perfect but for some reason, I felt sad. 


What in the world? I’m living in my dream home, why would I be sad? 


And this it hits me (again), I hardly ever see my friends and family anymore. 


Ever since we moved out this far, our world has gotten smaller. 


Everything was changing so fast, we thought we’d buy this house and our friends and family would come visit on the weekends. 


But the reality is, our friends’ lives are 45 minutes away. And they also have soccer games and birthday parties and chores around the house to tend to on the weekends. 


I’m beginning to wonder if buying this house was a mistake.” 


Rachel was feeling a ton of regret and worried that she’d made the wrong decision. 


But here’s the thing: Hindsight is always 20/20! 


There was no way for her to know at the time that this wouldn’t work out the way they’d hoped. 


The good news? There is always a solution to any problem. 


I’m using my True Home Technique with Rachel and her family to get them back into the city and close to their best friends. 


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