This Is Weird, But Friendship Is My Hobby.

This is weird, but friendship is my hobby!


Seriously though, could there be a better pastime? 


I have a pretty demanding “job” and I’m married to a really fantastic person that I love spending time with.


So if I’m going to intentionally take time away from my business and my guy, it’s going to be to spend time with friends. 


For a long time, my friends were my primary support system. 


And let me tell you, I know how to pick ‘em. 


I once lived in a friends’ basement for 2 months with Jackson when he was just 4 years old and I was separated from my (then) husband. And she still loves me! 


When Jackson and I lived in CO, far away from family, we always had an invitation to holidays at various friends’ houses. Always!


I was once stranded on I-25 south of Denver because I’d ran out of gas. I phoned a friend and she showed up on a windy winter night with a gas can. 


A couple years ago on my birthday, my Denver friends ordered my favorite dessert (key lime pie) for me from a local Georgetown bakery. Yum!! 


And most recently, my friends showed up for me in a big way and celebrated my engagement and marriage to Andrew – after years of hearing my sad stories about disappointments and breakups. 


Like anyone, I get wrapped up in my own world and forget to reach out to my friends regularly. But when we do connect, we’re real, we’re open, and we are freaking hilarious. Oh, and smart. So smart. 😉


If you consider yourself a friend of mine, know that I am so grateful to know you!